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The Prince Interview Everyone Should See

Posted by JD on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 , under , | comments (0)

I was trying to watch some Prince videos on you tube which is basically impossible because he doesn't allow his music to appear on you tube...I ran across this AWESOME interview he did with Tavis Smiley. This is the best segment...I don't want to give it way. But I'd love to hear people's thoughts.


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*Whispers* I Enjoyed the BET Awards

Posted by JD on Sunday, June 27, 2010 , under | comments (4)

Let's meditate on the title of this post....




I don't even know what to say. Maybe I need another day to write about the BET awards. Of course then, no one will care. In fact, people may barely care now. So let me make this short.

Overall, I thought the show was well put together. At first I wasn't even going to watch because I don't like to watch things just to criticize. If I know I'm not going to like something, I just choose not to watch. But due to peer pressure all up in the tweets I gave in.

I missed the pre-show because...well...because I had better things to do. But I will admit to catching Souljah Boy's performance and jigging to Pretty Boy Swag (you mad?).

The actual show began with Kanye West performing his new song "Power." I wanted to like the performance but it actually kinda bored me a little. I stopped watching and I didn't even realize that I had.

Alicia Keys performed a medley of her hits. There was some mention of her being artist of the decade...or wowing folks? Well... I think Alicia Keys is talented. However, over the years it's become clear that her vocals are strained and forced and she's not as good a piano player as originally touted. Her performance was "okay."

Diddy and Dirty Money also performed. The smoke effects were OVERDONE you could barely see anyone. Still, he had a great set. He started out with his verse from "O let's do it" remix. Now Waka Flocka is my future baby's daddy so I hoped he would come out. BUT Rick Rozay and Nicki Minaj did make it out for "Hello Goodmorning" and I can't deny that song KNOCKS. Unfortunately, Nicki's ODB impression on that song is a fail. I can't understand her. I love Nicki so I was happy to see her regardless.

Two pleasant surprises of the night: El Debarge sang a medly of Debarge hits. He sounded great and actually went twice (which was kinda weird). Also weird was the fact that they didn't introduce him. The second surprise was Tyrese's tribute to Teddy Pendergrass. He wounded AWESOME.

The fail of the night goes to Trey Songz. Don't get me wrong, I think Trey is talented. He has a voice that you sort of either love or hate. But toward the end of his "performance," he launched in to Purple Rain, and sounded horrible from the first note. He then went on to hit miss a high note that scared the crap out of me. I didn't know you could have a nightmare while awake.

Trey...Prince was NOT pleased.
The moment of the night went to Chris Brown and his tribute to Michael Jackson. Jermaine Jackson came up to introduce Chris. But it was funny because the underlying theme of Jermaine's introduction was that Chris should have done the tribute last year. Jermaine said "one tribute hasn't been done. Here HE is." He didn't even say his name because apparently we were all supposed to know automatically.

Chris gave an awesome performance until the end when he was supposed to sing "Man in the Mirror." All the pain of the past year and the weight of being able to honor one of his heroes seem to catch up to him and he broke down crying and never recovered. Lots of people said they didn't believe the tears were genuine. Needless to say, I disagree. Chris was wrong for beating Rihanna down; however, he's very young and clearly needs counseling. Hard to hate Chris Brown and celebrate James Brown and Marvin Gaye and all the other myriad woman beaters who have entertained us over the years.

The disappointment of the night award goes to my girlcrush Nicki Minaj. I believe she performed 3 or 4 times. Each time, she lip synched. That is a RIDICULOUS thing for a rapper to do and simply unacceptable. I don't know whose idea it was but she needs to fire them and use her own brain. On what planet is it okay for a new artist who's not a dancer to give effort the finger like that? She lost major points with me. I still think she's talented, but I can love someone and be honest about their flaws at the same time (unlike a lot of people).

Speaking of people that people don't like. Drake. Drake. Drake. Drake never performs well so I used his time on stage to pet my dog and grab a beer. How did he do?

Finally, the Prince tribute.



Rumor has it that Prince hand-picked the people who honored him. He looked pleased (or as pleased as Prince can look) during the performances. However, I must admit, the tribute did NOTHING for me personally. Janelle Monae sang "Let's Go Crazy." She's young and apparently didn't understand the song was about loving and living life to the fullest. Not about smoking crack and having a nervous breakdown, which is exactly what she looked like she'd been doing.

She ran across the stage like her ass was on fire. Nevertheless, the girl's got moves and she sounded great. But that was a Janelle Monae performance, nothing about it said "Prince."

Esperanza Spaulding, who is very talented and has never really had a mainstream moment, sang "If I was your girlfriend." And NOTHING about her performance was sexy. Like Monae she channeled HERSELF not Prince.

Alicia Keys was Alicia Keys. Girl bye.

Patti Labelle was the last to sing for Prince and she did Purple Rain. Now, we all love Miss Patti. But I must say, she is the ONLY one that could get way with the howling she launched into. Prince was near tears and seemed to love every moment though. Hard to criticize Patti, her voice is amazing.

Of course, twitter always makes awards shows more fun. Although, last night I'm not sure if that was true. One comment I made last night is that I think that people hate current artists because they THINK they should, not because they actually do. I saw a lot of tweets about how this generation has no talent. Mind you, this was from people who are my age. Same age as TI, Alicia Keys etc. I think there was a lot of talent on the stage at the BET awards and it was odd to see people tweeting as though the show was filled with hacks.

No matter what musical genre you're into, you're not going to like every act. Sometimes music is just about entertainment and nothing more. It's like people go to the club and they're all like "that's my song, that's my shit" but when they're watching the BET awards it's all "These coons. This is so embarrassing." I think a lot of people are VERY confused. I've blogged last year about how there's always been different types of music, some serious, some silly, some sexual, some intellectual. There's room for all. And nostalgia gets in the way of comparing today's artists with yesterday's.

Anyway, I'm sure I left some stuff out, but hey, that's what the comment section is for right?