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Prediction: BET Will Piss Off Fans of Michael Jackson and Prince

Posted by JD on Thursday, June 24, 2010 , under | comments (14)

Just in case you've been hiding under one of Rick Ross's Rozay's man mounds for the past week, I will tell you that today is the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. *pours out some Jesus juice*

I'm not going to get into how much I love Michael Jackson because, for some reason, ever since he died, it seems that people are in some sort of strange competition over who loved Jackson the most while he was still alive. As someone who told my mom that I was going to marry Michael Jackson and cried when she said, "By the time you're old enough to marry him, he'll be dead," I'm not interested in playing that game. 

Plus, unless you're one of those people who showed up every day of his trial to greet him as he entered court but weren't able to because you fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital OR you flew to LA upon hearing of his death and performed Thriller with a bunch of other mental cases fans in the middle of the street, your love really ain't all that true now is it?

To sum it up: 

You love Michael, I love Michael, we all love Michael. 

While I'm here:

You hate BET, I hate BET, we all hate BET.

But unfortunately, BET will, on Sunday, endeavor to pay tribute to Michael Jackson (again) and Prince (Argh!). Jackson's tribute, I assume, is not only a result of the anniversary of his death, but also spurred by the fact that BET so terribly embarrassed itself with the dreadful tribute it paid last year just a few days after Jackson died.

If you missed that God awful show, let me give you the highlights: Michael Jackson dies, BET announces they will pay tribute so that we all will watch their already-planned awards show, we all watch, the show opens with The Fat Boys New Edition doing their impression, I mean, rendition of The Jackson 5 (senior cocaine addict edition), Neyo performs 10 times (I rounded up from 9) doing various songs that I cannot remember, Ciara performs once (including that one time she shouldn't have performed AT ALL), Keri Hilson also performed--and I use the word "perform" VERY loosely--somehow confusing Michael Jackson with Elvis Presley (must have been the nose), and Jamie Foxx made an appearance that I barely remember but I am 100% sure was totally unnecessary. After the show ended somehow Chris Brown became the focal point because, you know, there was no way to honor Michael Jackson successfully without handing Rihanna's whack-a-mole partner a get-out-of-jail free card and a rhinestone glove.  

I maintain that BET should have put together a somber slide show akin to the ones the Oscars put together for dead actors, and followed it by showing a complete classic Michael Jackson performance and ended with someone who could REALLY SING performing a song (not necessarily by Michael Jackson) in dedication to him. BET could have, a few weeks later, interrupted it's regular programming (*snickers*) to have a real tribute. But knowing them they would have still botched it. So this paragraph is really neither here nor there or at Neverland Ranch.

Moving on. 

Only God knows what BET will put together on Sunday, but JD knows she ain't interested.

Prince will receive the lifetime achievement award, and if I know Prince like I think I do (which is somewhat but not really at all) he was PISSED when he found out that BET was going to fuck him over honor him. Actually, the reason I know he was pissed is because right after he was told about the tribute I heard him scream WHY ME LAWWWWWWD, a shriek that travelled all the way from his mansion in Minneapolis to my tiny Barracks Row townhouse in Washington DC. Quite frankly, I'm not too happy my damn self. WHY YOU LAWWWWD, I screamed back at Prince Rogers Nelson.

Growing up there were 4 artists who truly inspired me: Michael Jackson, Prince, Terence Trent D'arby, and Billy Ocean.


And I'll be damned if I sit idly by while BET uses my affection for any one of the four in order to drum up ratings for their silly ass network. A few years back Michael Jackson said fuck all these awards shows I'mma organize my own tribute to MYSELF. And he did. And out marched a cadre of talented but ill-equipped people who performed his songs as he clapped with the joy of a 3 year old eating an ice cream sandwhich: Usher, Jill Scott, Mya (remember her? no? okay), Whitney Houston's remaining body, and Beyonce's jelly and its background dancers Michelle and Kelly to name a few.

The show was a train wreck. But Michael was happy and that's all that mattered.

But Prince isn't Michael Jackson. Oh no no no no. Prince isn't in it just for the attention (yeah I said it, Michael Jackson liked attention at all costs. Don't believe me? Have you ever seen Prince dangle any of his jump offs off the side of a balcony? I didn't think so!). Prince isn't just a sexy M.F. like his song says, he's a classy one too. And none of the artists that would be down enough on their luck to perform at the BET awards are worthy of singing a Prince song much less actually trying to "perform" it in front of him.

Prince isn't just an entertainer, he's a composer, a talented writer, an instrumentalist, and all around musician. He's a private man that still likes to perform at small venues and only does interviews...well...never. When you honor someone like Prince, you have to think outside of the box. You don't just go grab the nearest black people you can find. You don't just call Trey Songz and Beyonce and let them loose on stage. That's like putting an AMG body kit on a Mercedes that doesn't have an AMG engine...sure, people do it. But they're assholes! 

I can only pray that BET didn't reach for the usual suspects. On twitter people threw around names from Lenny Kravitz to Van Hunt to Maxwell. Let's hope BET considered them as well. I think that Prince's tribute might be cause to call in a few of our cream colored friends. That's what the Grammy's did when it was time to honor James Brown. Christina Aguilera was their choice to be exact. Now we don't know who all BET has chosen, but this is a perfect time to form a prayer circle and hope for the best. 

I personally don't like the idea of honoring Prince on Sunday. If BET wants to honor someone of Prince's stature, which, by the way, in many ways he's the only one of his particular stature, he should get his own special. He shouldn't be forced to have the first tribute to him occur during BET's routine ratchet recognition show. Nor should his tribute have to compete with the memory of one of the few artists of his time that is more famous than himself. 

So in actuality, this is not really a prediction because, as a fan of both artists, I'm already pissed off. So really BET has nothing to lose. So tribute away you incompetent jerks! **I won't be watching. 

**By "I won't be watching" I mean I will be reading tweets and then when the Prince tribute begins, I will quickly turn on my TV and begin to bash everything that BET does declaring everyone who works for the network unworthy of washing Prince's dirty drawers much less touching his raspberry beret. On the off chance that they actually do a good job honoring know what, there's no need to finish that sentence. 

Hey, Can You Do Me A Favor?? The Friend Conundrum

Posted by JD on Monday, June 21, 2010 , under | comments (9)

If only you knew how many texts, BBMs, emails, FB messages, and tweets I get that begin this way. Just in the past month I have looked over and edited countless resumes, proposals, speeches, and all manner of everything else written or communications related. 
Oh and I can't forget all the advice I've been asked to provide from how to promote an event to how to start a non profit. 
At this point, if I get a call from a friend I’m 89% positive it’s because they need me to do something. I’m all for helping friends with their projects, events, and other needs but sometimes it becomes overwhelming.
One thing that sucks about being asked to look over written materials is that often the people who are giving it to you either don’t write very well or don’t put a lot of thought into what they wrote because they know that you will fix it.
The other thing that bothers me is that people don’t seem to realize how long it takes it to look over something and assist them with it. So I constantly get things they people need edited or reviewed right away. I have enough deadlines at the office. I don’t need them at home.
I think it wouldn’t get so upset over being constantly asked to look over things if the there was reciprocation—but alas I’m perennially the giver not the taker. Quite frankly, I can’t blame it all on my friends because I’m really at a loss in terms of what I could even ask any of them to help me with.
It’s difficult to say no to people because I don’t want to be viewed as the friend who isn’t there for people. And I don’t want anyone to say that the one time they asked me to do something I didn’t do it—especially if that person hasn’t ever asked me to do anything for them.
But I have my own side projects going on with this blog, and my Media Analysis blog, plus the Youtube talk show that I’m trying to develop. And it’s kinda hard to focus on MY SHIT when everyone wants me focused on THEIR SHIT. I don’t even know why I wrote this because I’m probably not going to DO SHIT about it. I guess I’m just feeling a little used...and you know, misery loves company. 
This blog post is a special shout out to @ASmith86 (Diamond Dust),  I know she feels my pain!