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Am I Bourgie?? Oh God...I Hope Not!

Posted by JD on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 , under | comments (21)

I've never purchased a copy of this magazine.
I swear!! 
Yesterday I sent a friend over to one of my favorite newly discovered blogs Black And Bougie. I thought she would love BnB because the writer, Chele, is a great writer and her dating stories are epic! My friend, a six-figure-sista who hails from South Carolina, went to the blog immediately. She sent me a message that said
"Hilarious. I added the blog as a favorite. However, I am giving you the side eye 'cause I fight REALLY hard to keep my geddough status! LOL"

 I immediately responded back by saying "Me too! You know I'm anti-boug but Chele seems down-to-earth plus the writing is good." 

Obviously my friend was making a joke, but under every joke lies some truth. There are some of us successful black folk that cringe at the thought of being considered among the bourgie classes of people. Something about all that drinking with the pinky up just don't seem right to me! [Joke alert: put the diamond encrusted antique knives down]

Recently a friend that takes pleasure in getting me riled up insisted that I am bourgie. I said, "No, I'm country." And he said "No, your bourgie. You drive a Land Rover, you make a lot of money, you have a pure bred German Shepherd that looks like a show dog. You're bourgie."


How can I be bourgie? Do you know how many string beans I can pick and snap in an hour??  And my friend might drive a 745 BMW but she does so BAREFOOT half the damn time. I mean how bourgie can we be???? I didn't grow up with money, I didn't go to an HBCU and I'm not Greek. I say this because most bourgie people I know fit 1 or all 3 of those criteria. Certainly, I went to a prestigious school but it was a predominately white institution and firmly working class...well..maybe not "firmly" but still!

That makes me wonder, what makes someone bourgie? On some level I feel like one of those rappers or athletes that leaves the hood but still feels like they have to keep it real. Except no one in my past is insisting that I do so. HELP! Bourgie people, explain yo selves.

VH1 Chops and Screws The South. Disrespectful!!

Posted by JD on Monday, June 7, 2010 , under | comments (17)

If you read my blog you know I'm country and proud of it. Southern people are always the subjects of mainstream mockery, northern people say: your music is ignorant, your rappers aren't talented/not real hip hop, your accents are too heavy, and your cities are wack.

On those rare occasions there is an opportunity to see southern peopled honored (which is never), I try to support. So last night I watched the VH1 Hip hop Honors thinking it was about time someone at least pretended to understand the enormous contributions the south has made to music.

The show started off on a strong note with Uncle Luke and Trick Daddy performing one of my favorite rap songs of all time, "Scarred." Scarred is one of those songs that could fall through the cracks if you're not a real dirty south fan. Luke brought out Trick Daddy who performed his entire verse coherently.

The next set, which was also a win, featured "Mind's playing tricks on Me" a tribute to the Geto Boys, one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time.  I learned from twitter that Scarface boycotted the show because he was offended by the south being slighted once again. He felt the show was a way to pacify the south while still confining it to a box. I agree with the first part...but the second part about the south being put into a box is a tough one for me. People are more critical of southern hip hop, it really doesn't matter when or where it's featured. But I do see his larger point, I'm just not sure if it's a solvable issue.
Timbo got some well-deserved...shine. 

In addition to the Geto Boyz, AK peformed "Po Pimp," Juvenile did "Nolia Clap" (a pleasant surprise) and Bun B and Drake performed "Get Thowed." Pimp C is one of my top 5 rappers and Drake did a fine job with Pimp's verse.

But the Drake appearance was the beginning of too many non southern faces making cameos. From The Game, to Asher Roth, to Lauren London (what??), Nelly and Fabolous, the rest of the country suddenly took over the one show that belonged to us.

The rest of the sets featured many missteps. During the VA set, Timbaland was clearly sick when he recorded his confessional. Keri Hilson bungled her verse on "The Way You Are." Magoo was no where to be found and neither were The Neptunes or Teddy Riley. Missy did perform and did a fabulous job but the attention was given to Timbo. Odd, because Missy is an independent producer, and songwriter and should have been given EQUAL treatment.

That brings me to the women. Only one other Lady rapper was featured, Trina, and she was dreadfully misused. How dare you have Trick and Trina on the same show and not have them perform "Nan?" Are they beefing or something? There was no sign of Mia X during No Limit's set, and TN wasn't represented at all. So that meant 8 ball and MJG and Three Six Mafia weren't there, much less Gangsta Boo and La Chat. At that point I would have settled for  an appearance byYoung Buck and UTP or even Justin Timberlake! Anybody from TN would have been nice.
Mia X, former member of No Limit and hip hop's
Southern Belle. 
ATL also got the shaft.  JD get the the most prominent ATL set Organized Noise also got a set but Outkast, Young Bloodz, and the full Goodie Mob Group weren't there. Bone Crusher got shine but Pastor Troy wasn't there and neither was Drama or Lil Scrappy? No sign of Ludacris either. TI gave a half hearted performance, maybe he should have sat this one out. Some old school TI would have been nice. And I'm definitely a lover of The Gucci Mane but he shouldn't have done an ATL set. I was however, impressed with his rendition of  "Miss My Homies."

VH1 also neglected to focus on some of the lesser known people and groups that made an impact. Lots of tweets about Tela, Field Mob, Nappy Roots, Ghost town DJs, 95 south, 69 Boyz. Real dirty south fans were watching and we weren't happy. And the conspicuous absence of Lil Wayne, currently in prison, and the rest of the Hot Boyz (besides Juvenile) left a huge gaping hole in the show.

The VH1 honors catered to the casual male fan of southern hip hop. The dudes that only know southern rap from what's played on the radio but even through their ignorance of the genre are convinced it's all a "gimmick." I think they assumed that doing a real tribute to dirty south hip hop would have gone over most people's heads. As we know, when you do something half-assed you get a half-assed result.

Scarface was right, we all should have boycotted this one.