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Letting Go and Starting Over: Myspace and Facebook

Posted by JD on Thursday, April 29, 2010 , under | comments (5)

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Tonight I permanently deleted my Myspace page after having not visited the site for a year. It was very bittersweet. When I first joined myspace I spent HOURS upon more HOURS mastering html (well not mastering it, but I certainly learned to hook up a non-recession-looking page). I chose the music I posted to my page carefully, and I had a fairly popular blog. The hardest part was deleting the blog posts...I was too lazy to save them.

Poor Myspace. It tried several tactics to get me to change my mind about deleting the page. It asked me why I was deleting. Once I marked the circle that said "I'm bored with myspace" it suggested that I make more friends. thanks. After I did that, it asked me for cancellation comments which I gladly submitted (after taking a screenshot -- click to see what I wrote). Finally, after one more step, myspace accepted my cancellation--but not without making me confirm my decision via email.

I still can't believe how quickly myspace went from ruling the internet networks to being the bottom of the social barrell. How very dreadful for them.

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I also deleted my old facebook page last night. I figured now that I'm an adult, I have a career and I'm also starting my own business, it was time to disconnect from God knows whatever was on my page before I had a care. Back when Facebook was limited mostly to college friends, there was a legitimate sense of safety and privacy...that, alas, is no more.

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Slowly but surely Facebook has stripped away all privacy. I played with my settings as much as possible then I realized it was too late. My page had already been tainted. I had been viewed by friends of friends, posted statuses that everyone shouldn't see, and pictures that I no longer find attractive. What's more, my friends had tagged me in all sorts of photos that are not ready for primetime. Now that I've deleted my old profile, I'm having fun with this blog's like page and still deciding what if anything to do with the new personal profile I created.
Whatever I do will be totally public and appropriate for all audiences. Now all I have to do is wait for Facebook to go out of style. Twitter anyone?