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9 Year old Nicki Minaj Stan Writes Diss to Nicki Disser?

Posted by JD on Saturday, April 24, 2010 , under | comments (1)

I love Nicki Minaj as much as the next crazed stan...well...maybe not just as much...the Barbie movement is for the 20 and under crowd not the I'm-almost-30-and-have-baby-fever crowd to which I belong. But still, I like Minaj and can think i could do pretty well in a Minaj quote-off competition should someone ever hold such an event.

Speaking of baby fever, I ran across the video of a 9 year old girl who wrote her own diss to diss the girl who has, according to the celeb blogs, issued two disses against Minaj (  I'm torn about whether I believe the little girl wrote the diss, or if her mom is one of Minaj's self-proclaimed Barbies and was too embarrassed (and old) to post a video of herself delivering the rap. Either way, the little girl's delivery is pretty dang good.