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10 Reasons I DO Follow People On Twitter

Posted by JD on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 , under | comments (1)

Yesterday's post on the top 10 reasons I don’t follow people on twitter got passed around quite a bit. In particular, reason #7. I felt that I should follow up with a positive post letting people know why I DO follow people. I encourage everyone reading to please share what makes them follow someone. Perhaps your comments can help those poor souls who are constantly begging people to follow them or who are confused about why their follower numbers are fairly stagnate.

  1. BE FAHN! [English translation, be good looking or attractive]. There’s nothing like scrolling through your timeline and seeing the photo of someone who starts your inner ignition. I’ve heard some people say they never follow based on looks. I suspect that’s because they are, themselves, not attractive—or don’t consider themselves to be so--and are seeking to make the world a fairer place. But unfortunately, the world isn’t fair. America is not a meritocracy and neither is my twitter timeline! Looks do get people ahead. Just ask Sarah Palin. It’s not my job to change this dynamic, after all, I’m just an innocent victim of society’s dreadful obsession with the physical. I will say that looking good won’t prevent me from unfollowing you. But if you’re cute I’m more likely to give you a chance in the first place. Once I’m following you, you are more than welcome to be vapid, but if you’re offensive or corny looks won’t save you.
  2. Tweet about Television and Movies. I don’t watch TV or movies but I love to hear about them and ask stupid questions. If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably already answered one of my silly questions like “What is Lost?” or, “I keep hearing about this movie called Avatar, is it new?” In my world there is no such thing as a spoiler, I’d rather someone tell me about a movie than have to sit through it myself. If I follow people who tweet about TV/movies I can be aware of what’s going on without actually being aware of what is going on. I find value in those tweets.
  3. Signal your Country ways. I have met some of my favorite tweeters simply because we bonded over our southern and country ways of thinking and communicating. For example, I twit-met @smashedthehomie and @creolepimp the bloggers behind Elegant Ignance and Creole Pimp Chronicles after we spent about 2 hours going in on the hashtag #yeencountry. i.e. #yeencountry if your neighborhood doesn’t have a candy lady, and other such non-stereotypical southern observations.
  4. Start good social, sports, or music discussions. By “good discussion” I don’t mean…”ladies, does the size of his penis matter?” Of course it matters, that’s about the dumbest question in the world that still gets a response. Another example of a stupid discussion is “Jay-Z or Nas?” I’m sorry, is it 1996? Exactly how is that relevant? I’m looking for engaging RELEVANT conversations. Some of the best discussions I’ve seen are sparked from personal experiences that people have had and perhaps they are looking for some feedback from their followers. I am also likely to follow those who tweet their political perspectives provided they’re not decidedly liberal or conservative. I’m also a HUGE football, MMA, xtremesport, and tennis fan, so I follow a lot of sports tweeters, but you gotta know what you’re talking about! Casual observations don’t count.
  5. Make me laugh. I can’t explain this one because everyone has their own sense of humor. What’s funny to some is offensive to others. What’s sad is that some people are very funny in real life but not so much on twitter. So if you are one of those people, don’t feel bad b/c there are plenty of people who are cool on twitter and lame everywhere else. This is God’s way of creating innanet balance.
  6. You run a Faux Account. I have followed all types of fake accounts from Drakes knee to the Fake R Kelly. Those accounts are often hilarious.
  7. Tweet about Southern hip hop. Aside from Baroque Pop, southern hip hop is my favorite genre of music. I have followed people after they tweeted random obscure UGK verses or vintage Outkast lines. If you remember Drama or Lil O, you can probably get an instant follow!
  8. Alternative lifestyle? I love following people who have alternative lifestyles whether you are stripping, swinging, or living in Antarctica, I will probably be curious about your daily life depending on how you tweet about it.
  9. You tweet to me a lot. This is the most effective way to get a follow. Only thing is, it can’t be fake. Some people try to tweet you a bunch of small talk and compliments because they think if they stroke your ego you will follow them. Well, my ego is already the size of the innanet, so I’m more interested in people who want to engage with me than I am in those who compliment me—although I surely do love compliments. Lol
  10. Have networking potential. Twitter is a great networking tool. I met my fabulous web designer on twitter--@huny (my new design will up in a couple months). I’ve also met other bloggers, screenplay writers like @skinnyjeanius, super talented stylists like @apuje, and promoters like @2hood4hollywood. I’ve also reconnected with talented college-mates like the amazing celeb stylist @chandarenee and the head of Vitalize Entertainment @rondelonline.

All in all, to be followed by me or anyone else, your tweets need to be valuable in some way. If you’re not on twitter to promote something, it’s hard to know what of your life will be valuable enough to another person to make them follow you. That’s all the more reason to just be yourself!

Feel free to use the comment section to list reasons you DO follow folks…the comment section on the previous blog is still open for those folks who want to post their twitter pet peeves!

I'M SO HOOD! Celebs Rock my Favorite Fashion Trend

Posted by JD on , under , | comments (0)

I am obsessed with hoods!

So when I ran across the first photo on the left of Kim Kardashian at the BeBe Fashion show, I had to put up a post! Hoods are my favorite fashion look right after leather gloves (which Kim Kardashian is also wearing) and off shoulder shirts.

I have 4 hooded sweatshirts, 3 hooded blouses and 2 hooded dresses. I don't know what it is, but hoods make me feel sexy. They're also a sort of security blanket. I've been known to sleep in a hooded shirt every now and then.

My favorite fashionista is Rihanna, also pictured above. She's also been wearing a lot of hooded dresses and sweatshirts dresses as of late.

I guess this trend is heating up because for a long time it was hard for me to find items with hoods attached. Now quick google search yielded hooded tops and dresses on web sites from to macys. The dress below is only $33 on Overstock!

10 Reasons I'm not Following You on Twitter

Posted by JD on , under | comments (7)

For a lot of us, twitter has come to be the premiere social media tool. But make no mistake, twitter can be laborious--at least in the beginning. In order to really enjoy the medium, you have to put some time and care into putting together a good list of people to follow. A friend who recently joined twitter said he didn't like it because everyone wants to be followed and no one wants to be a follower...I understand his frustration. If you're interesting and can convey that over 'type' you WILL be followed, that's not to say you will amass thousands of followers but certainly enough to engage. The hardest thing about twitter, to me, is getting people to understand that getting followed depends on a lot of factors, many of which are not personal. I put together my own little list of reasons I don't follow you can see some of them are rational, others are not.

  1. The majority of your tweets are about celebrities. Seeing as how I’m famous in my own mind, I’m not sure why I’d want you to tweet profusely about some other celebrity (aside from me).
  2. You’re under 25. I will be turning 28 next month and I am finding that the under 25 crowd is often a little more than I can take. I do follow some youngsters, I consider them to be grandfathered in. Nevertheless, Trick loves the kids, but @whymelawd doesn’t…necessarily.
  3. You’re a woman. I’m all for vagina power, but twitter gives me access to men of all types. I like to take advantage.
  4. Most of my timeline is already following you. This may sound like a weird disqualification. However, when you are following two people who tweet back and forth to each other their entire conversation appears on your timeline. Sometimes this can be overkill. Apparently, I’m not as nosy as I think. I don’t need to be in every.single.conversation.
  5. Yeen talmbout shit. If your timeline is full of tweets like “yo follow me, I’ll follow you back,” “hey yall, I need more followers,’ chances are I will not be following you any time soon. Just tweet like normal and you will gain followers…unless of course “normal” includes tweets like “what a beautiful day outside” or “sandwhich for lunch, hmm DELISH!” Tweeting isn’t easy…but it ain’t that hard either.
  6. You’re from the North. I have had my fill of Northerners on my timeline. If every tweet is about how disgusted you are by Gucci Mane or how you hate when people pronounce “you ain’t” as “yeen” or that “aint ain’t a word” the likelihood of me following you is slim to bitch please! Some of us are country. Get over it. *scrolls through 90 Gucci Mane songs on my ipod*
  7. You retweet every compliment you get. As bitter as people on twitter can be sometimes, overall people are very nice. I get random compliments from people all day long about my blog or my picture or my tweets. I think it’s so sweet! But I am used to getting compliments, just as I am used to giving them out pretty freely. Apparently some people aren’t, because you RT every kind thing someone says about you. RT’ing compliments is tricky because sometimes if you’ve written something that people are praising it’s nice to let others know that feedback has been positive…it can help entice them to give your post a read as well. Other times, it just seems…well…weird and desperate. It’s the primary reason I typically do not follow celebrities like myself.
  8. You’re not attractive to me [and yes this applies to women as well]. Sorry.
  9. My timeline is already full. I don’t know if I will ever follow over 250 tweeters. It took me forever to follow more than 90 people. Then I got stuck at 150. Now I’m at 216. I may be interested in following more people but I’d like to keep up with the timeline I have. Baby steps!
  10. You don’t have a profile picture. [See #8]

I will be completely honest, I really don’t care if someone follows me back when I follow them. In fact, a lot of times I PREFER to follow people who aren’t following me back. That way our relationship is exactly how I like my relationships…they give…I receive. So, if I’m not following you, don’t take it personally, it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t care about what you have to say. I respond to everyone, even if, as @thetillshow says, I respond “93 hours later.” Some of the people I’m NOT following give more interesting responses to my tweets than people I am following. But everyone uses their twitter account differently. This is just a little insight into how I use mine.

Follow me @whymelawd (or don’t…it’s up to you…)

I'd love to hear others' nit picky reasons for why they don't follow people...

Jimmy Johnson can go...LONG? New Extenze Commercial.

Posted by JD on Monday, February 15, 2010 , under | comments (1)

If you know me, you know that I RARELY, watch television. Last night I was up late doing God knows what with the TV playing in the background. I heard a familiar voice talking about the male penis...I look up and it's Jimmy Johnson (yes, that Jimmy Johnson, former Cowboy Coach-turned-Fox-football-analyst Jimmy Johnson). I was in shock.

This reminds me of the time I saw the Bob Dole Cialis commercial! T.M.I. Using well-known formerly powerful or macho men to sell products is nothing new as companies use these icons to try to appeal to the male desire to be virile. Johnson's colleague Howie, also an analyst on Fox, was at one time shilling memberships to nutrisystem for men. I get it that. But something about Jimmy Johnson selling extenze...a product that I thought was a scam for a long time...just seems weird. I'd feel more comfortable if Johnson (hahahhahha his name is Johnson!!) were selling Viagra or some other erectile related drug, but Extenze is about penis SIZE not function.

Here's a quote from the Extenze web site:

There is simply no reason any man should feel short changed with the size of their penis, when you can take Extenze and get that bigger, harder penis you have always wanted. You only have to take one each day to see the kind of results so many have already experienced. It works with your body to naturally increase your penis size with time. It sounds so simple, because it is!
Does this mean that up until recently Johnson had a small Johnson? But he's so cute! :-(