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My Best Friend: So Close Yet So Far Away

Friday, June 18, 2010 , Posted by JD at 12:35 AM

Today I realized that my best friend and I haven’t seen each other in almost a year. Sure we've talked...but we haven't actually gotten together. He lives in Woodbridge, I live in DC. *waits for you to google map it* Yes, it’s true, it’s only about 45 minutes away. But I get super busy and traffic is bad and he got married last year and they have baby. Blah. Life. Blah. *cries* 
I love my best friend. We used to combine our names like they were one. When he hasn’t heard from me in a while he asks what happened to Darrelsarah (okay clearly those are not our names but you get my point). My best friend is EVERYTHING. He’s the nicest guy you’ve ever met, a doctor, a family man, smart but not pretentious, and very handsome. Oo and good at math. I am blessed to have him in my life.
That’s why I hate that we never see each other anymore. And I hate even more that the older you get the more you have to put forth an effort to hang with your friends. It’s not like my days at Temple when all my friends were in a dorm and we could hang at will. Now all my friends from college are spread out from California to Texas to New York to Florida. It’s frustrating.
It seems like once you reach a certain age people are either hanging constantly with their significant other or schedules keep conflicting. And sometimes, the more social you are the more you miss your friends. For example, I may want or need to attend an event and my friend has an event she has to attend on the same night. So we keep missing each other. It shouldn’t be that hard.  Sure I hang with people I know and like, but as I get older I'm finding it increasingly hard to hang with the people I desire to be around the most. 
There’s really no point to this post except I felt like sharing my feelings. 

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  1. Pocket says:

    It should not be that hard but unfortunately it is. Wish I had an answer to give you but we all run into the same problems you do, you know as friends we say we are not going to let each other grow apart like other friends but it never works out the way we want it to. I guess as we grow older our priorities change big time

  1. A.Smith says:

    Ok. Let me make myself clear here.

    When you speak my life, it BOTHERS me.


    I just spoke to my BFF for the first time in over a week and it was only about business stuff!

    Well, I did spend the last 5 mins begging him to move to Atlanta so he could be closer to me when I move to Nashville. He asked me why I didn't just go for the gold and ask him to move to Nashville too. Then I did. Yeah, he's not. But I'ma keep working on it.

    I haven't seen him face to face in ::thinks:: since my birthday in December. This mess is ridic. Absolutely ridic.

    But you're so so so so on point with how hard it is to maintain close friends when you get older. Seems like I spend more time with people I dislike at happy hours and networking events than with my actual friends. What the freakin f*ck (WTFF).

    ::sigh:: I don't wanna be an adult anymore. ::stomps::

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like he married the wrong woman. ;)

  1. Why does it have to so hard to keep friendships going the older you get! Seriously I was just thinking about that the other day. The sad part is the older we get the more we need friends to ground us.

  1. MDiva says:

    Well, I'm late commenting on this, but I am cosigning this 100%. Until last April when I went to her wedding, I hadn't seen one of my favorite (using best stopped making sense to me when I was like 8, anyway) friends since BEFORE Hurricane Katrina. And a phone conversation from a few time zones away just isn't the same as that giggly, warm feeling you get when you're with the person or people you feel the most comfortable with.

    I definitely miss that college dorm accessibility. Now that every single one of my friends lives in a decidedly different part of the country, get togethers take serious planning. I hate it!