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VH1's Behind The Music Covers My Favorite Rappers

Posted by JD on Saturday, October 10, 2009 , under , | comments (0)

VH1's behind the music is back and doing a great job picking current artists to cover. Three of my favorite rappers have already been profiled this season, Lil Wayne, TI, and 50 cent (whose episode airs Tuesday, 10/13/09). Both the Wayne and TI episodes provided very revealing looks at how the rappers have come to be the artists and men they are today. I thought I knew everything about both of them but even I learned something. I'm excited to see 50 cent appear on the show as well.

They've also taped and aired episodes this year with Bobby Brown and Pink, I'm interested in seeing those as well. I do think that artists who have hit rock bottom make for the best profiles. My favorite episode of Behind The Music remains the show on Milli Vanilli. I am the first to admit I cried at the end!

Anyway, for more information on Behind the Music and when various episodes will air and re-air, head over to the VH1 episode page.

What do you all think? Have you been Watching the new season of Behind the Music? Are you happy with what you've seen?

Obama Awarded Peace Prize? DEFINITELY Happy About This!

Posted by JD on Friday, October 9, 2009 , under , | comments (0)

I woke up yesterday morning to inspiring news. Our nation's President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, a certain set of detractors did not waste even seconds clamoring for room on every news network, blog and social network to declare Obama undeserving of the Prize. I'd rather not spend my time debating whether or not Obama deserved the prize because as our nations very first African American president and as our first Democratic president after a wave of control by the GOP, Obama is a polarizing figure through no fault of is his own. Thus, any conversation that begs that each side look at any issue regarding Obama in totality before expressing an opinion and is probably futile. And, to be quite honest, any Obama detractor who does not append his or her argument against Obama's receipt of the Prize with a name of who SHOULD have received the Prize instead has an argument is not going to get anywhere with me.

With that said, the most striking thing to me in this situation is how readily a subset of the GOP is to throw back in the world's face an award that was given to an American to bring back to AMERICA. Have political and social relations in this country fallen so far into a hole that we cannot congratulation one of our fellow countryman (in this case the leader of the Nation) in winning an award no matter how deserving?

Americans are beneficiary to many privileges in this world, a fact that makes it difficult for many countries to reconcile America's role both as a superpower and as a beneficiary of rewards reaped from its most flawed international policies. Our access as a country to cheap goods (including oil), travel, and international favors such as debt purchasing etc., among other treats is something envied the world over. And only the most leftist lefties and hardcore libertarians have ever complained that America should have its playing field leveled. And that, is a small group...a group that isn't complaining about President Obama's Peace Prize.

Why all of a sudden now is there a vocal contingent that doth protest that an American or America is deserving of anything the world would like to grant us? What happened to being proud that such a prestigious Award and all of the promise that it carries was granted to one of our own?

So Michael Vick is getting a Reality Show?

Posted by JD on , under | comments (0)

I was disturbed by recent news that Michael Vick will have his own reality show on BET. I hoped it was a rumor but alas it's the truth. The reality show will center around...well...we don't know what it will center around. All we know is that Vick was lucky enough to be signed by the Philadelphia Eagles fresh out the slammer and that he is engaged to be married to a woman that stuck beside him through prison and the Ron Mexico controversy.

We also know that Vick isn't the most engaging person nor is he the most articulate. Furthermore, BET, a network that appears to have no boundaries in its efforts to exploit and humiliate African American people will be airing the show right along with its other embarrassing endeavors: Tiny and Toya, Frankie and Neffie, Rocsi and Terrence J and last but not least, The Mo'Nique Show.

I am not happy about the Vick reality series for various reasons but none more than the fact that the show is not a bad marriage between two parties of which no one is particularly fond of either. You may not believe that Vick deserved to go to prison, you may not believe that he deserves any further public condemnation; however, I think most people would be hard pressed to add Vick to any list of greatest people; and certainly not someone who should be "awarded" a reality show (however disastrous) after cruelly breaking the law.

BET is worse. With it's 1992-quality cameras, lack of production and direction, and general inability to make any show flow naturally, BET would be my last choice for any show involving someone's redemption. Coincidentally, TI's show "Redemption" aired on BET and chronicled him trying to help young men making serious mistakes with their life before he went to prison to serve a sentence on weapons charges. The show wasn't a disaster, but it's worth noting that the emphasis of that show was not TI but the people he was helping...Vick's show presumably puts the spotlight squarely on his shoulders.

But does Vickreally need any more publicity?

As a Michael Vick fan, I'd like to see him spend time focused almost exclusively on his game...the average NFL career is 4 years, and being able to play a few more years in the League will be the key to him being able to take care of his family and climb out of the debt amassed when he was brought up on dog fighting charges. Is what we can assume to be a mediocre payday from BET worth the further risk this show could possibly pose to his already-battered image? Or do you think that Vick and his handlers truly believe that viewers will empathize with Vick if only they could see his day to day life?

I hate to be a cynic, but I don't see any BET reality show fostering our ability to take on a positive view of the its subject. But maybe I'm wrong.

What do you think about Michael Vick getting his own reality show? Are you happy about this???